Strategy Development
with Design Thinking

As an entrepreneur, you face the challenge of successfully developing your company even in volatile times. Without a clear goal and a realistic plan, however, it is difficult to choose the most sensible options from a wide range of possibilities.


With a strategy consulting by Copernicon you align your company and your employees consistently and in the long term to the needs of your customers. We design unique customer experiences that create enthusiastic customers through outstanding products and services. In this way, we contribute to a leading position in relation to the competition and your long-term growth.


How can I support you?

As a freelance consultant for strategy and innovation, I work with you to develop customer-focused, targeted solutions for your most important problems. To do this, I bring my many years of experience in the areas of customer experience, product development and strategy development to bear and draw on a rich toolbox of methods. I also offer all services digitally, with convenient and easy-to-use collaboration tools for remote teams.  

Ihre Herausforderungen und mein Angebot: 

«I want to understand my customers and their needs comprehensively and in detail.»

Satisfied customers are the foundation of business success. Therefore, I survey the most important needs and most pressing challenges of your customers. This enables you to identify opportunities in needs that are not sufficiently met and to make successful long-term decisions for your company, your project or your service offering. 

«I need a realistic and reliable plan for the future of my business.»

The sweet spot for your entrepreneurial success is exactly where the needs of your customers meet the strengths of your company and excellent products. To hit this sweet spot, we formulate a clear objective and develop a realistic plan for your business, based on the needs of your customers. 

«I want to improve my products and services or develop them from scratch.»

Today's products and services must offer more than just a functional benefit. Excellent solutions are always integrated into customer experiences that offer additional added value. Based on your customers' needs, I work with you to design emotional experiences for your customers that enable you to offer more successful products and services. 

«I have a pressing problem and little time!»

Sometimes there is simply no time for a whole project. Maybe you just need an outside perspective to see clearly again. In one or two-day workshops, I work with you to find answers to your most important questions. We will find very efficient solutions for your individual challenges in a sprint format.

Let's get into a conversation!

Have I aroused your interest? Write me a short message about the challenge you are currently facing. I will contact you immediately and we will discuss in a non-binding initial meeting whether and how I can best support you.


I look forward to our conversation!

Andreas von Criegern

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