Jobs-to-be-done interview training

Jobs-to-be-done is the most effective method to uncover customer needs. However, the questioning technique as well as the recording of the findings differs significantly from other methods for customer interviews. Learn the basics of this special interview technique in a compact, one-day jobs-to-be-done interview training. You will conduct your first jobs-to-be-done interview under experienced guidance and receive direct, personal feedback. You will consolidate the principles you have learned by observing further JTBD interviews. After the training, effective templates, time-saving checklists and an easy-to-use list of questions will put you in a position to conduct jobs-to-be-done interviews on your own and thus reliably uncover the needs of your customers.

Learn the basics, tips and tricks to conduct effective 
customer interviews with jobs-to-be-done in one day!

For whom is this interview training suitable?

The one-day jobs-to-be-done interview training is suitable for you, if you want to design customized products and services, successful business models and outstanding customer experiences, as well as communicate effectively and convincingly with your customers:

  • CX/UX Researcher

  • Product Manager and Product Owner

  • Market Researcher

  • Customer Experience Manager

  • Marketing and Branding Specialist


Previous experience with customer interviews is helpful but not essential.


Course schedule at a glance

Ablauf JTBD Interview Training_EN.png

Some facts of the job-to-be-done interview training

  • Compact, one-day interview training according to Jobs-to-be-done

  • Small group with 4 participants

  • Access to all templates and checklists

  • Practical training with group feedback as well as direct, personal feedback by the trainer 

  • Experienced trainer with many years of experience in customer research

  • Recording of interviews for personal study afterwards

  • Participation fee: 499.- SFR / EUR

  • Conducted online via Zoom and Miro

  • Course is in German (contact me for English session)


Next date:
02 July 2021

9 am - 5 pm