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The Jobs-to-be-done


Use the jobs-to-be-done innovation approach to become a customer-centric company in a practical and effective way.

With detailed and directly applicable instructions, checklists and templates.

All the know-how for your own JTBD projects from a single source, saving you time and money.

Strategy Development
with Design Thinking

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As an entrepreneur, you face the challenge of successfully developing your company even in volatile times. Without a clear goal and a realistic plan, however, it is difficult to choose the most sensible options from a wide range of possibilities.


With a strategy consulting by Copernicon you align your company and your employees consistently and in the long term to the needs of your customers. We design unique customer experiences that create enthusiastic customers through outstanding products and services. In this way, we contribute to a leading position in relation to the competition and your long-term growth.

  1. Die Theorie der Jobs-to-be-done
    Lerne die Grundlagen des Jobs-to-be-done Ansatzes kennen und wie sich ein Job-to-be-done zusammensetzt, verstehe die Kräfte des Fortschritts und wie Menschen diesen Fortschritt anhand von Wertkriterien messen, und welch entscheidende Rolle der Kontext für Kundenbedürfnisse spielt. 


  2. Ein JTBD Projekt aufgleisen
    Wertvolle Praxistipps zur Bestimmung der Zielgruppe, der Anzahl notwendiger Teilnehmer und dem Ablauf eines JTBD-Projekts, sowie Hinweise zur Berechnung von Dauer und Kosten.


  3. Jobs-to-be-done Interviews durchführen
    Konkrete Tipps zur Rekrutierung von Teilnehmenden, dem optimalen Setup für JTBD-Interviews, einem Fragenkatalog zur Erhebung der Jobs-to-be-done sowie die Dokumentation mit Hilfe des Jobs-to-be-done Canvases.


  4. Jobs-to-be-done quantifizieren
    Verstehe die Notwendigkeit und den Ablauf einer Quantifizierung, sowie die strategische Priorisierung der erhobenen Jobs-to-be-done mit Hilfe einer Scorecard.


  5. Die Ergebnisse kommunizieren
    Verstehe, wie Du die erhobenen Kundenbedürfnisse mit Jobs-to-be-done wirkungsvoll und praktisch anwendbar in Deiner Organisation kokmmunizieren kannst.    

What exactly is jobs-to-be-done ?

Fulfilling a customer's job instead of selling products and services

Jobs-to-be-done (JTBD) is an increasingly popular approach to innovation. The basic idea is that people don't buy products or services for their own sake, but hire them to do a job that enables progress in their lives. The jobs-to-be-done framework is used to study how and why consumers start and stop consuming various products and services. It is a theory to explain customer behavior and anticipate future decisions.

This shift in looking at customer needs helps companies understand their customers much better and determine what value criteria they use to measure successful completion of their jobs-to-be-done.

As a result, products and services can be developed in a very targeted and efficient manner. Likewise, profound innovations as well as the development of new markets are possible where previously unaddressed customer needs are integrated into a comprehensive customer experience.

Multiple advantages of the jobs-to-be-done approach


  • Business models become more tailored and thus more successful by focusing on relevant but unmet customer needs and the holistic customer experience.

  • Product development becomes more efficient than before by targeting problems worth solving and according to the value criteria stated by customers.

  • Corporate strategies are far more resilient than before by tailoring the service offering exactly to validated customer needs.

  • Personas gain an unprecedented sharpness and depth of detail or are completely replaced by job cards, which eliminate essential weaknesses of the personas.

  • Project portfolios can be prioritized - based on the strategy - with regard to the most important customer needs.

  • In market research, customers are segmented based on common jobs instead of quantitative data with limited validity.

  • Marketing and branding can communicate in a more targeted way than before according to customer preferences.


Who is the JTBD Playbook aimed at?

The Jobs-to-be-done playbook is ideal for everyone who creates business models, develops products and services, and creates targeted customer experiences:


Managing Director

"When I position my company in existing markets or develop new markets, I want to cover customer needs with our range of services in the best possible way so that I can compete and be successful in the long term."


Product Manager & Product Owner

"When I design products and services, I need clear information about which problems and challenges of which customer segments I should address so that I can develop solutions and functionalities that are precisely tailored to their needs."


Customer Experience Manager

"When I create lasting and differentiating customer experiences, I need detailed and validated knowledge about the needs and expectations of our customers in order to be able to derive appropriate measures and establish a customer-centered corporate culture."


UX & Market Researcher

«When I collect the needs and expectations of our customers and users, I want to clearly define which data I collect and how, and make sure that I communicate the findings to my stakeholders in a structured and understandable way so that they can develop successful products and services based on it . "


(UX) Designer & Developer

"When I design a product, I want to create empathy with the users as well as agreement in the team about the product's value criteria to be met so that I can ensure an optimal user experience with suitable functionalities."


Marketing & Branding Experts

"When I position our brand and communicate products and services, I want to win as many satisfied and returning customers as possible through a consistent and realistic value proposition and clear messages so that I can make a measurable contribution to the company's growth."


Readers' comments on the JTBD Playbook

Axel Klingelhöffer

Client Director, Aperto AG

«I can highly recommend the first part of the playbook as an introduction to the jobs-to-be-done approach. Too many innovation initiatives still fail due to imprecise problem definitions and misunderstood customer needs. Here, JTBD offers the right system to clearly communicate knowledge about customers and their needs. "

Réka Farkas

Senior Project Manager | Market Research & Customer Experience, intervista AG

«As a market researcher, I was thrilled to finally get to know a measurement concept for real customer needs with Jobs-to-be-done! Unfortunately, I have been missing a book that describes JTBD systematically and offers more than a series of anecdotes. The JTBD Playbook, however, is both crisp and rich reading, which enables a quick introduction to the topic. You are encouraged to read on, think further and apply. "

Dr. Kai Kruthoff

Executive Director | Senior Client Experience Specialist, Vontobel

«The JTBD playbook convinced me with its strong practical relevance and easy readability. It vividly describes the everyday challenges to more customer focus and explains the jobs-to-be-done concept as well as its advantages and dimensions very concisely. I was particularly impressed by the wide variety of perspectives and the very catchy practical examples. The playbook thus bridges the gap between the JTBD theory and practical use in a very successful way. "

Simon Stöckli

Vice Director | Multichannel Management - Strategy & Methods, Zürcher Kantonalbank

«The JTBD Playbook is a great basic work that is easy to read and understand. It pulls the reader under its spell and provides a perfect overview. From my point of view, the concept of jobs-to-be-done offers great potential to develop customer-focused strategies outside-in based on validated customer needs. "


Download the JTBD Playbook for free

JTBD Handbuch Cover 3D.png

Let yourself be introduced to the core elements of the JTBD theory on around 40 pages without obligation and free of charge. Learn the basics of jobs-to-be-done and learn how you can do a job for your customers better than ever before in the future.


I wish you valuable knowledge!

Andreas von Criegern


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