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Since ancient times, people assumed that the sun, moon, planets and fixed stars revolved around the earth as a resting center. This geocentric view of the world shaped people's thinking and imagination until the middle of the 16th century.

It was not until 1543 that Nicolaus Copernicus described a heliocentric view of the world, in which the Earth was a planet rotating on its own axis and moving around the Sun like the other planets. This upheaval in human thinking led to the Copernican turn - a caesura that marked the transition from the Middle Ages to modern times.

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In vielen Organisationen herrscht allerdings noch immer eine Art geozentrisches Welt – alles dreht sich um das Unternehmen, seine Interessen, Produkte und Dienstleistungen. Angebote und Leistungen für Kunden werden aus einer Innensicht heraus entwickelt und durch starre Prozesse und eine sich nur langsam ändernde Unternehmenskultur und Denkweise bestimmt.

«As a freelance strategy and innovation consultant, my mission is to help companies and organizations achieve a heliocentric worldview in which every employee focuses on finding the best possible solutions to their customers' challenges as the center of their actions.»

Perhaps you figured it out yourself - Copernicus was not only an inspiring personality, but is also the namesake of Copernicon. It is an artificial word from Copernicus and Consulting and thus represents both the mission and the service for you. Contact me for an initial consultation or find out in the next section what makes my consulting services to most others.

Further engagements

Guest Lecturer in the CAS "Customer Experience Mangement".

As a guest lecturer at the ZHAW School of Management and Law, I teach the students of the CAS Customer Experience Management the basics of JTBD theory as well as the practical application in strategy and product development.


Lectures & Workshops

At various events and (digital) conferences, I speak on the topics of customer experience and strategy, and conduct practical workshops on the application of Jobs-to-be-done.

JTBD Zurich Meetup

On the topic of jobs-to-be-done I organize regular meetups in Zurich, but during COVID-19 only remotely. Get an impression in the following video. And maybe I can welcome you there in person? If you are interested, please visit the Meetup page.


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